James and Joe cycle LeJog

A 1146 mile cycle ride from Land's End to John o' Groats

Our gear

We’ll be travelling light. No bulging panniers or trailers for us.
Just a couple of saddlebags.

Years ago, I used to laugh at the old cycle tourists with their battered Carradice saddlebags. Now I’m one of them.

I’ll be taking a Carradice Lowsaddle Longflap (15 litres capacity) and using a Carradice Zipped Roll  (2 litres capacity) as a bar bag.

Joe will be taking a Carradice Barley (9 litres capacity)

We’ll be attaching our saddlebags with Bagman Sport Quick Release Bag Supports.

My bike is a 1976 Stan Pike. Bought off ebay last year. Lovely.
Built for Ivor Earl, as the prize for winning the 1976 Tour of Somerset. I like a bit of history.
I’ve added a Brooks Swift and Panaracer Pasela tyres. Oh and for comfort, changed to Cane Creek SCR 5 brake levers.

Joe has an Isla Bike Luath 700.

We’ll also be taking these…

For the cycling (each):

  • One pair of cycling shorts
  • One long-sleeved cycling top (merino wool)
  • One short-sleeved cycling top
  • Two pairs of cycling socks
  • Cycling shoes
  • Helmet
  • Cycling glasses
  • Cycling mitts
  • Goretex cycling jacket
  • Waterbottles

To change into in the evenings (each):

  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • T-shirt
  • Trousers
  • Boxer shorts
  • Lightweight canvas shoes


  • two spare inner tubes
  • tyre levers
  • mini bicycle pump
  • puncture patches
  • chain splitter
  • KMC quick links
  • multi-tool
  • cable ties
  • Swiss Army knife – lost this along the way.
  • small bottle of oil – didn’t think to take this, so bought some after a few days of mud and rain. Essential. 


  • toothbrushes x2
  • toothpaste
  • contact lenses and solution
  • deoderant
  • antibacterial hand wash
  • tiny bottle of suncream – we used it once!


  • Mobile phones x 2 (with chargers)
  • iPod touch (Joe)
  • digital camera (with charger)
  • Holga camera and film (my cheap plastic camera that takes pictures like this)
  • laminated A5 maps
  • B&B address list
  • diary and pen
  • a pack of Mule bars – we bought some milk shake ‘recovery’ powdered drinks at bike a bike shop in Fort William. They seemed to do the trick.
  • credit cards and cash (please don’t try and steal them though – Joe is a black belt at judo)
  • bicycle lock – during the day we never left our bikes anywhere out of sight and everywhere we stayed had somewhere secure for overnight. Maybe we could have saved weight and left at home, but you never know…

I think that’s it.

Will add more, or take away stuff, as and when.


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