James and Joe cycle LeJog

A 1146 mile cycle ride from Land's End to John o' Groats

From start to finish

As this blog was designed to be an online diary, updated every day of our travels, it now reads the wrong way round. That could be confusing.

In order to make it easier for anyone wanting to read from ‘start to finish’, I thought it might be useful to add links to each page.

Simply click a link below, read the post, then use the back button to navigate here again.


Day 1 – Land’s End to St Newlyn East

Day 2 – St Newlyn East to Delabole

Day 3 – Delabole to Oakhampton

Day 4 – Oakhampton to Taunton

Day 5 – Taunton to Tickenham

Day 6 – Tickenham to Wormbridge

Day 7 – Wormbridge to Clun

Day 8 – Clun to Ellesmere

Day 9 – Ellesmere to St Helens

Day 10 – St Helens to Morecambe

Day 11 – Morecambe to Ambleside

Day 12 – Ambleside to Gretna Green

Day 13 – Gretna Green to Sanquhar

Day 14 – Sanquhar to Stevenston

Day 15 – Stevenston to Tarbert

Day 16 – Tarbert to Benderloch

Day 17 – Benderloch to Invegarry

Day 18 – Invergarry to Fortrose

Day 19 – Fortrose to Helmsdale

Day 20 – Helmsdale to John o’ Groats








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