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A 1146 mile cycle ride from Land's End to John o' Groats

Cadel – you can’t touch him!

With the 2012 Tour starting tomorrow, Bradley Wiggins is the favourite to win.
Not so sure myself.

My money’s on another Cadel victory. You just can’t touch him.

Here’s why…

In 2008, after  Stage 10, a reporter touches Cadel’s left shoulder with his microphone.
A tetchy Cadel angrily pushes the microphone away.

The interview progresses. Cadel is clearly upset.
A moment later we see a hand enter the frame and stroke the head of the cuddly toy lion Cadel is clutching.

Cadel reacts as any grown up would when faced with a similar situation.
“Get off my lion or I’ll tell my mummy!”

Cadel. You can’t touch him. Or his toy lion.


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